Erfolgreiche Karrieren werden kreativ gestaltet und dynamisch geplant. Sie sind ein Designprodukt: Unnachahmbar, schillernd, wertvoll! Jasmin Döhling-Wölm
Erfolgreiche Karrieren werden kreativ gestaltet und dynamisch geplant. Sie sind ein Designprodukt: Unnachahmbar, schillernd, wertvoll!Jasmin Döhling-Wölm

Erik Roßbander | Expertise: Self-performance in Career Processes

Senior Coach with a degree in Theatre Studies


Actor and director Erik Roßbander was born in Dresden in 1960. He has been engaged by the Bremen Shakespeare Company since 1990. After finishing secondary school he studied acting and received his degree from the drama school “Hans Otto” in Leipzig, followed by first engagements at the theatres of Gera and Magdeburg. Having worked with the Bremen Shakespeare Company for so many years, he has become one of the most experienced Shakespeare actors in Germany and has performed, among others, the roles of Shylock, King Lear, Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Prospero. Guest performances have led him to Great Britain, India, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Austria and Liechtenstein as well as to all major German cities.

Erik Roßbander has directed several Shakespeare plays and an opera. He can be seen in many TV and film productions and is a permanent guest for productions at Radio Bremen. He has been a guest lecturer at the “Mendelssohn-Bartholdy” conservatory in Leipzig and teaches at the children’s acting school TASK. He currently appears on stage in Bremen Shakespeare Company productions as Macbeth, Oberon and Prospero.


As individual stage coach he is specialising in the topics self-expression and self-performance.

He works for clients in leading positions with Airbus Operations GmbH, BLG Bremen, BTC Oldenburg, and clients in leading positions inside academia with the Leibniz Association.


Coaching Focus

Career on Stage | Self-performance and Self-expression and Power Dynamics in Organisations

A Coaching Concept of karrierekunst | Power, Body & Career in Academia

The content of Erik Roßbander’s seminars is to raise the individual awareness of the participants to all internal processes (mental, physical, emotional) as well as to the external factors (audience, room, atmosphere, ...).


This will be achieved by working on and with

- body language

- adequate emotional state

- breathing techniques

- finding your true voice

- vibrancy

- visualization of concepts

- conception of lectures

- relaxation techniques

- ... and more.


We always communicate!

And since body language, voice habit, and the other aspects of nonverbal communication play such a tremendous role for your professional self-presentation we should assign a syntax and word order to it.


The aim of Erik Roßbander’s seminars is the activation of the individual mental, emotional and physical presence in professional life through practical exercises in an empathic and appreciative environment.




„For if our virtues

Did not go forth of us, ´twere all alike

As if we had them not. “ W. Shakespeare


This has got nothing to do with lack of abilities or inabilities!

This is about the experience, awareness and activation of verbal and nonverbal skills in communication.

You always have to bear in mind that a presentation is never a one-way street, since:

A monologue is always a dialogue with a high amount of diverse information such as the seemingly silent audience.

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